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 National Catholic Youth Conference | NCYC

In a distinctly Catholic setting, the National Catholic Youth Conference invites participants to encounter Christ, experience church, and be empowered for discipleship.​

NCYC is the largest Catholic youth gathering in the U.S., with over 25,000 young people, clergy, religious, and adult chaperones attending from all over the country. A true pilgrimage of faith, NCYC is an exciting, biennial three-day experience of prayer, community and empowerment for Catholic teenagers addressing a wide variety of topics including Catholic spirituality and prayer, social justice issues, sexuality and leadership.

This pilgrimage features a huge interactive village where hundreds of exhibitors, musicians, games, hot meals and learning centers of all types will be available throughout the conference.​

NCYC 2017, with the theme Called, will take place in Indianapolis, Ind., November 16 to November 18, 2017. The diocesan contingent will depart November 15. 

A Parent & Pilgrim Send-Off will be held in a central location Sunday, Oct. 22, to offer final information to all parents, pilgrims and group leaders. All pilgrims will be required to attend this year. If a pilgrim asks to be excused, the reason must be approved by the diocesan Office for Evangelization and Faith Formation. This is a-n important meeting for information gathering and sharing, and it also offers pilgrims the opportunity for prayer and fellowship.-

Please contact your Elisa Esasky or Joan Duncan in the Parish Office at 724-744-7474 for further information about this pilgrimage.

Pray for Our Pilgrims
Please keep our 14 pilgrims in prayer, as well as all pilgrims from the Diocese of Greensburg, including our own Bishop Malesic who is attending his first NCYC.

Antonio DeMarchis, Joan Duncan, Elisa Esasky, Josh Kopasko, Steve Kopasko, Colby Sherwin, Logan Sherwin, Maura Shields, Nicholas Smith, Samantha Snowden, Bob Vareha, Michael Vareha, Layla Welsch and Mary Young.

 Stock Certificates

​How You Can Help

The first and most important way in which anyone can help our 2017 pilgrims from St. Barbara is through prayer. Over the next several months, please hold these teen pilgrims, chaperones and our entire diocesan contingency in prayer. Second, this amazing, transformative, faith experience comes at an economic price. The cost of the trip covers transportation, hotel, meals, and registration.

Each teen is responsible for paying $760 for the trip to Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 15-18.  Many will receive a Francis Fund grant that will drop their total cost to $545. Over these next few months, our ministry is striving to raise that $545/pilgrim total, and we need your help on our Road to Indy. 

Your support won't go unnoticed and every dollar donated will go straight to our teen pilgrims. We are asking that you find it in your heart and your wallet, to help us fund this pilgrimage for our young people. This is one investment that you won't regret having stock in - trust us!

Buy Stock | Donate

The cost is $10 per share!  Sponsors will be publically acknowledged. Upon the teens return from the pilgrimage in November 2017, you will receive a "stock report" via email with personal stories from each teen who attended, as well as photos. We also encourage those who make an investment to share special intentions with our pilgrims. They will take these intentions to NCYC. Prayer is powerful and the pilgrims want to pray for you before, during and after the pilgrimage.

Download the Stock Certificate and return the form and payment to St. Barbara Church, Att. Elisa Esasky. All checks made payable to St. Barbara Church; denote NCYC in the memo line. You may also drop your Stock Certificate Form in the collection basket or leave it with a greeter at our Hospitality Desk in the Narthex.

 Our History With NCYC

Energy. Enthusiasm. Vibrant Power of the Spirit.

Pilgrims from St. Barbara Parish first attended the National Catholic Youth Conference in December 2001. Seventeen years later, we can proudly say, countless young people from our community have returned from this pilgrimage with a newfound perspective on their Catholic faith. They also find a new realization - we truly are all in this together.

Bishop Frank Caggiano says, "Ninety percent of the battle of faith is keeping our eyes fixed on what is most important." There is an energy, enthusiasm and vibrant power of the Spirit at NCYC. Anyone who has ever made this pilgrimage will tell you it becomes a life changing encounter with Christ. 

​NCYC 2001​Hope at the Crossroads​Indianapolis, Indiana
​NCYC 2003​The River of Life​Atlanta, Georgia
​NCYC 2005​Winds of Change​Houston, Texas
​NCYC 2007​Discover the Way​Columbus, Ohio
​NCYC 2009​Christ Reigns​Kansas City, Missouri
​NCYC 2011​Called to Glory​Indianapolis, Indiana
​NCYC 2013​Signed. Sealed. Delivered.​Indianapolis, Indiana
​NCYC 2015​Here I Am Lord​Indianapolis, Indiana
​NCYC 2017​Called​Indianapolis, Indiana