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 Leading Teens Closer to Christ

When attending a youth event at the parish, do you find yourself sitting behind a boring desk, in a drab room, while some random adult quizzes you on Christ and the Scriptures? If you answered yes to this question, or even rolled your eyes at the thought, then first things first, I'm sorry. Now, that I've apologized for any tortuous experience you may have had in ministry, let's be real. 

At St. Barbara Parish, you'll find yourself immersed in dynamic fun and laughter; surrounded by encouragement; with conversation that applies God's word to real life; and belly aches or sugar highs from the large candy and snack supply we keep fully stocked in the youth room.

As the youth minister for our Catholic community in Penn Township, I pride myself on ensuring ministry is about you. I strive to unpack kindness - a lost simplicity of life - amidst our ever changing world. I'm here to remind you of an awesome God who loves you just as you are, incase you've forgotten. 

Brothers and sisters in Christ, normal is an illusion. No one is perfect. We all have a story.

This faith journey isn't about me or the other adults who immerse themselves in this ministry. Sure, do we learn and grow in our faith formation along the way? Absolutely. Ministry here, in this space, is about the young people of our community, for a new generation.

I am a creative mind, pushing forward to change the status quo. I think outside the box. Make friends with the outcasts and am obsessed with Christ, my family and Haribo gummie bears and sour patch kids.

Now step out of the box and dare to be the real you that Christ calls you to be!

Your sister in Christ,
Elisa A. Esasky