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 St. Barbara Parish Annual Report

​Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

I am pleased to present you this Parish Financial Report. We ended the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 in a far more favorable position than originally feared. Two significant factors contributed largely to this outcome. Despite limitation and restrictions upon parish life, our weekly offering remained incredibly healthy. This is a testimonial to the generosity of our parishioners. My gratitude is especially extended to those who have been able to fulfill pledges made to the Increased Offertory Action undertaken last fall. Without this support, our situation would be far more precarious. 

Our parish also benefited greatly from the Payroll Protection Program. Through this program, St. Barbara Parish received over $69,000 in interest free, forgivable loans. This funding meant that we were able to maintain staff positions. More importantly, it meant that we were able to provide a variety of new and enhanced services, including the livestream Mass and a dramatically expanded presence on social media.

These actions enabled us to close the book on June 30, 2020, in a much better position than was projected when our budget was developed one year earlier. In light of the unusual circumstances that characterize this year, this brings cause for rejoicing. I am humbled that your sacrifices and financial support have permitted us to provide for the continued liturgical, sacramental, and pastoral care of our parish. 

 Remain Hopeful. God is Faithful.

​We began this new fiscal year with offertory collection continuing to trend very strong. Year-to-year comparisons have indicated that weekly collections, in general, are greater than was the case one year ago. Our hope is that this trend will continue throughout the fiscal year, thus enabling services and staffing to be provided in a consistent fashion.