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Live_HolyWeek_StBarbara.jpgLive_HolyWeek_StBarbara1920 x 800609 KB 4/5/2020 11:10 AMYes
Small (25%)Clergy & Mass ScheduleNo
The diocese has suspended all weekday and weekend public Masses until further notice.

Father Michael P. Sikon

Permanent Deacon
Deacon Harry Clyde

Watch Mass Live
Facebook/Instagram Live

Palm Sunday: 4:15 PM
Holy Thursday: 7:00 PM
Good Friday: 3:00 PM
Easter Vigil: 9:00 PM
Easter Sunday: 10:00 AM

Church & Parish Office Closed
Please reach out to staff via email.
Small (25%)How to Give | So We Stay Strong Together No

These past weeks have shown us many things. We have begun to slow down, even slightly, because right now we must let go and let God more than ever. It has been a time that has reminded us that church has never been about the building. We are the church.

In these days, we seek to stay connected with you, our brothers and sisters, and so many are wondering how can I keep giving to St. Barbara? Where do I send my envelope or can I give online?

We have three options for you to help ensure our parish community remains strong, vibrant and well beyond this current time of social distancing and uncertainty.

Mail your offertory envelopes to the Parish Office. 

Visit to make a gift; s
elect the collection or collections to make your donation; and enter your payment info.

Small (25%)Important NewsNo

Church is Temporarily Closed
Effective April 4; the church will be closed until further notice. There will be no Adoration. All events and gatherings also remain canceled until further notice.

Holy Week In Home Items
Sample Celebrations of the Word for Holy Week
(for households and families)
Good Friday Solemn Intercessions

Jeannette Parish News
Anyone interested in assisting with telephone outreach to parish members of Sacred Heart or Ascension parishes in Jeannette, is asked to contact Mary Jane Morelli via email or by phone at 724.523.2560, ext. 10.

Small (25%)Mass IntentionsNo

A number of questions have been raised about Mass Intentions scheduled during those days when publicly advertised Masses are suspended. Once a priest has accepted the obligation of a Mass Intention he is obliged to fulfill that request. Therefore, at a private Mass celebrated each day, Father Michael, fulfills scheduled intention. On Sundays, where multiple intentions are scheduled, those intentions are forwarded to retired priests, who are able to satisfy these obligations.

Understandably, many of the faithful wish to participate in the Mass at which loved ones are remembered. Therefore, any donor whose Mass intention was scheduled during this time may reschedule an additional Mass. As soon as we are permitted to resume the public celebration of Mass simply contact the Parish Office. No additional donation is required of those scheduling an additional Mass intention.

If you wish to schedule a Mass at this time, please reach out to Mary Ann Kent in the Parish Office. She is happy to assist you.

April 1
Donald Miller (Fitzer Family)
April 2
Joyce E. Palmquist (Months Mind)
April 4
Paul Leonard (Kathy)
April 5
Ashley Giordano (Pipak Family); all members of our parish family; and Sister Alice Retzner (Kentucky Project)
April 6
Jim & Betty Ruszkiewicz (Rachel Raymond)
April 8
Laverne Huber (Family)
April 9
Chuck Sevick (Pat & Family)

Start Time
Parish Office Closed4/10/2020 12:00 AM
Parish Office Closed4/13/2020 12:00 AM
St. Pergrine Cancer Support Group4/15/2020 7:00 PMRoom 109
Foundations of Faith4/22/2020 5:30 PMAll Facilities
Jeremiah Days5/2/2020 9:30 AMRoom 106 & 108