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 How to Rent the Pavilion

The St. Barbara Parish Pavilion is located on the church grounds at the 111 Raymaley Road in Harrison City. Only parishioners of the parish may rent the pavilion. All rentals require an application, and completed Pavilion Rental Agreement.

The rental party will have access to the pavilion, accompanying restrooms, and pavilion grounds. Parking must be in the church parking lot. Parking on the grass of the pavilion or church grounds is prohibited. No bikes, motorcycles, or ATV’s, etc., are permitted on the grounds. No access is permitted to the church, social hall, parish office, or barn with the pavilion rental.

Event set up may begin two hours prior to an event. If there is no preceding event, set up may begin earlier, however this is subject to approval given by staff of the parish. The renting party is responsible for clean up, which includes taking trash to the on site dumpster. ​

Rental Fees
Rental Fee: $100
Security Deposit: $100

For detailed contractual information, please download the formal St. Barbara Parish Pavilion Rental Agreement. If you have additional questions, please contact the Parish Office at 724-744-7474 during normal hours.

 Rental Policy

Parish FestivalFacilities

  • The rental agreement grants the renter the right to use the church pavilion and co-located restrooms. This includes the use of tables and chairs within the pavilion, garbage cans, tubs, fans, water, and electricity. No access to the church, social hall, office, or barn is permitted; nor any assets within these buildings.
  • Parking is permitted in the church parking lot only. The field is not to be used for parking.


  • This is parish property. Treat it like your own.
  • Do not staple, nail, or a fix anything to the buildings or tables. Masking tape may be used to hang decorations and secure table cloths to the tables.
  • Do not disturb the grounds or landscaping. No cutting of trees or digging of holes. Tents may be erected and secured with stakes in the lawn. Please take care to repair holes from stakes.
  • If using a sound system, the volume should be such so as not to negatively impact the neighbors or other functions on parish grounds.
  • Observe all health, fire and safety regulations and laws. Gambling, sales of alcohol, or any other activity prohibited by law is prohibited. No fires are permitted.


  • All garbage is to be removed and may be placed in the parish dumpster by the barn. Renters are responsible to bring their own garbage bags.
    All supplies provided by the renter and/or caterer are to be removed.
  • Clean the tables, chairs, counters, and any supplies used prior to closing the pavilion.
  • Clean both bathrooms before closing and locking them.
  • Sweep the floors of both the pavilion and restrooms.


  • Remove all items from the refrigerator and/or freezer.
  • Return tables and chairs to their original locations. Chairs should be stacked appropriately.
  • Return all supplies to their proper locations.


  • Close all garage doors and lock them.
  • Make sure water is turned off.
  • All appliances should be unplugged, except for the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Turn out all lights.
  • Lock and close the pavilion man-door.

Download the Rental Policy.