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Marriage Preparation

Steps in the Marriage Preparation Process 

12 Months Prior to Your Wedding 

  • Contact Joan Duncan to schedule a tentative wedding date. 

10-12 Months Prior to Your Wedding Date 

  • Schedule a Marriage Preparation introductory meeting with Father Michael Sikon 
  • Decide on an option for marriage preparation.  Options include Sponsor Couples, Engaged Encounter and Online Programs. 
  • Complete FOCCUS Inventory and Pre-Nuptial Investigation. 
  • Schedule a time for the Wedding Rehearsal 

1-3 Months Prior to Your Wedding 

  • Schedule a meeting with the pastor to discuss details of the marriage liturgy.  The Liturgy Planning Sheet found in the booklet “Together for Life” will guide this discussion. 
  • Review Suggested Wedding Music for the marriage liturgy. 
  • Contact Bob Vareha to discuss plans for your liturgy and music. 

2 Weeks Prior to Your Wedding 

  • Turn in your Marriage License to the parish office for processing. 

1 Day Prior to Your Wedding 

  • The Wedding Rehearsal usually is scheduled for the evening before your marriage liturgy. 
  • Stipends and fees for Priest, Organist, Cantor, and Altar Servers are to be given to Emily Christofano, Wedding Coordinator. 

Additional Details

Location of the Marriage Liturgy 

For Roman Catholics, marriage is one of the seven sacraments.  Therefore the Church teaches that the proper place for a marriage liturgy is the parish church in which one or both parties to the marriage is registered.  Exceptions to this rule are sometimes permissible.  If one of the parties is non-Catholic, permission may be granted for the marriage liturgy to be celebrated in their church.  If one of the parties is non-Christian, permission may be granted for the marriage liturgy to be celebrated in a location other than a church.  In general, outdoor weddings are not permitted in the Diocese of Greensburg. 

Days and Times for Weddings 

Marriage Liturgies may be celebrated on any day of the week other than Sunday.  Saturday and Friday weddings are the most common.  Saturday weddings may be scheduled at 2:00, 2:30, or 3:00 pm.  Friday weddings may be scheduled at any time at or after 3:00 pm.  Marriage liturgies are not permitted on Holydays of Obligation.  Couples are also ordinarily asked to avoid dates in the Seasons of Advent and Lent, because of the penitential nature of these seasons. 

Steps in the Sacramental Preparation Process 

The marriage preparation process is designed to help you assess your readiness for a sacramental marriage.  Church law requires that engaged couples, preparing for marriage, must participate in a sacramental preparation process.  This should ordinarily be completed six to nine months prior to your wedding day.  There are several options for how this preparation may be undertaken, including Sponsor Couples, Engaged Encounter, and Online Programs.  Couples who reside outside the Diocese of Greensburg may also wish to complete marriage preparation in the diocese where they reside. 

Parish Registration 

Following the marriage liturgy couples are asked to register in the parish in which they reside.  Registration signifies a commitment to the practice of the Catholic faith.  It serves to strengthen the bonds of community, and provides support for those who desire to engage in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church.  Practically, parish registration is one of the criteria employed when requests are received from those who are to serve as sponsors for the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.  Ordinarily access to religious education and faith formation opportunities are restricted to members of the parish. 

Wedding Guidelines

Since planning a wedding can also be one of the most stressful times of your life, we have prepared a Wedding Guidelines Booklet to help guide you through the process. By answering common questions about getting married at our parish, this booklet sets forth guidelines that we trust you will follow. We are here to help you.

Contact Us

Father Michael Sikon​Pastor
​Bob Vareha​Music Director
Joan Duncan​​Formation Office
Emily Christofano​Wedding Coordinator

Stipends for Marriage Liturgy

Marriage Liturgy Stipends​Amount due at Wedding Rehearsal
​Clergy: Father Michael Sikon​$250
​Wedding Coordinator: Emily Christofano​$150
​Organist: Bob Vareha​$150
Pay with Cash
​Altar Servers (Two) 
Pay with Cash
​$20/server ($40 total)

Check should be made payable to the name listed above or cash if indicated.