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Invite. Form. Share

St. Barbara 2020 is an invitation to take up a new way of living in relationship with Christ Jesus. It is about embracing the work of being disciples in a fashion that builds upon the particular strengths of our people, and yet, challenges us to grow beyond the walls of complacency. 

This work is multi-faceted. It started with re-visioning the role of Pastoral Council, creating a mission statement, and identifying a set of core values that will unify the work of the council and set a foundation for a renewed vision of discipleship at St. Barbara Church. These core values are our guiding principles for all ministries, organizations and activities at St. Barbara Parish. 

Our Mission
Our Mission is to be disciples of Jesus Christ by inviting, forming and sharing our faith. 


​Christ invites us to come to him. This invitation to discipleship inspires us to be a working partner with Christ here on earth. May we love our neighbor as ourselves and learn to follow Christ’s example of invitation. 


​Christ exemplifies true love and humble service. As his disciples, he forms us to live out his mission to build up his church on earth. 


​We see Christ most clearly through our relationship with others. His friendship and kindness know no boundaries. Christ challenges us to see him in everyone and to go forth and share the good news.