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 Lenten Experience 2019

Register Now​When we look at the early church we get a picture of small communities of people who followed Jesus together. 

For example, the stories of discipleship in John's gospel follow a pattern. People come to know Jesus, are brought to him, or are introduced to him by someone they know. They hang out with him for awhile. They talk with him, listen to his teachings, and watch how he lives his life. Once they have spent some time with him, they go and bring others to him so that they can meet him. The cycle continues. 

These believers engaged in life together through teaching, fellowship, communion, prayer, miracles, generosity and worship. They spent time together eating, learning, celebrating, proclaiming the good news and supporting each other. 

Maybe there is a lesson in here for us. Maybe the way we are called to spread the good news isn't by preaching with a megaphone on a street corner, going door-to-door to talk about religion, or threatening that if people don't become believers they won't be saved. Maybe instead we can follow two simple steps taken by the disciples: spend time with Jesus ourselves, and then invite other people to come and experience him for themselves. 

Personal growth does not happen in isolation. It is the result of interactive relationships. Small groups are God's gift to foster changes in our character and spiritual growth. It is in small groups that people can get close enough to know each other, to care and share, to challenge and support, to confide and confess, to laugh and to cry, to watch over each other and to grow together. God uses people to form people. That is why what happens between you and another person is never merely human-to human interaction - the Spirit longs to be powerfully at work in every encounter. 

Our goal for Engage this Lent 2019 is to ultimately help our community of believers continue to engage in relationships that help us all become more like Christ and live out our mission and core values of invite, form and share.

How do I register for Engage? What if I want to be a Small Group Facilitator? 
Whether you wish to be a small group facilitator or simply join a small group just denote these particulars on the Engage Registration Form. Small Groups will begin the week of March 4 and run for the six weeks of Lent. Materials will be delivered via email to all small group facilitators. Small groups are encouraged to meet in their home, local establishments or right here at the parish at a day and time that is most convenient. Small group facilitators will contact you as to your group and the time and date of the gatherings. 

For questions, please reach out to Joan Duncan, director of Faith Formation, at the Parish Office or email her at